Learn Which Cities Sleep Best—And How It Affects Happiness

Sure, you know that sleep impacts a ton of different factors in your life. But have you ever thought about it on a city-wide scale? Maybe you get more sleep than average for your city. But more importantly, looking at how cities sleep can get us important information about how sleep can impact things like happiness and income. So what’s the real city that never sleeps? Hint: it’s probably not what you think.

Where’d the Numbers Come From?

The data was collected by Jawbone with their Up sleep tracker. While there are some questions about its accuracy in interpreting different kinds of sleep, in general it did pretty well estimating the amount of sleep that the user got. Jawbone gathered the statistics and graphed them across a really cool map of the US. Can you guess the most sleep-deprived city? If you guessed LA or New York—sorry, close but no cigar. The real one isn’t surprising, though. Las Vegas gets the title of least-well-rested city in the country with an average of 6 hours and 32 minutes per night.

What’s The Best-Rested City in the US?

Orlando, Florida is the reigning champ of being rested. Residents there average 6 hours and 56 minutes per night—which is actually very close to the world champion (more on that later). Both Las Vegas and Orlando are medium-sized cities, with very similar populations: around 2 million people each. But if we dig deeper into the story, we find some seriously crazy results. Las Vegas is the 8th unhappiest city in the entire country. Makes sense, considering how much sleep can impact depression and mood. On the other hand, Orlando shines as the 6th happiest place for young professionals to live, according to a poll. And it’s probably not just Disneyworld (aka “The Happiest Place on Earth”) that’s making things so happy in Orlando—sleep is such a major factor for mood. Interestingly enough, the median income is much higher in Las Vegas ($53,000 vs $35,732 in Orlando) but even that couldn’t overcome the unhappiness in Las Vegas.