The Top 3 Things to Remember to Take Care of Your Mattress

So you’ve just bought an incredible new mattress and you’re looking forward to years of quality sleep. But what happens when your new mattress starts getting saggy? If you don’t make sure you’re taking care of your mattress, you could severely decrease its useful lifespan

But the good news is that there are things you can do to make sure you take care of your mattress so that it’s supportive and soft for years to come. Remember these top 3 tips to take care of your sleep investment:

ABR—Always Be Rotating

Well, not always. But frequently. When you first get your new mattress, experts recommend to rotate it every month for at least the first 2-3 months. This helps your new sleeping surface “break in,” and feel as comfortable as possible quickly. After that, you should rotate your mattress at least 3-4 times per year, if not slightly more. 

Most modern mattresses aren’t designed to be flipped, so make sure to avoid doing that. If you’re not sure whether yours can or not, check with the manufacturer.

Always Use Protection

Protection isn’t just a good idea for you—it’s also a good thing for your mattress! Especially with high-tech foams that are found in newer mattresses, you want to make sure the materials are kept safe. All kinds of things can harm your mattress:

  • Oils (including sweat)
  • Perspiration
  • Other body fluids
  • Food and drink
  • Humidity

Think of it like having a smartphone case: it’s a good idea, and a great investment that can really pay off in the long-term.

Always Stay Supported

This one is very important—after all, just imagine putting any material on an unsupported platform. Of course it’ll develop saggy spots. A platform bed using cross slats can be a good choice, but only if there’s a central leg supporting the middle.

If you’re using a boxspring, make sure that it works with your new mattress. Older ones will not provide the support that more modern mattresses need, and using them can lead to ruining your new mattress. You might even void your mattress’ warranty if you put it on an old boxspring!