Aerolatte Universal Borosilicate Glass Replacement Carafe For French Press Coffee Makers, 5-Cup, 20-Ounce Capacity (20 oz, 600 ml)

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AEROLATTE FR PRESS REPL 5C GLS Aerolatte’s Universal Replacement Glass Carafe for 5-cup (20-ounce) French Press Coffee Maker. Has your glass carafe met with misfortune? No worries! Our french press replacement glass is economical and easy to install – you don’t need to replace the entire French Press. Carefully slip the existing carafe out from the metal frame and insert the new one. Voila! You’ll be enjoying fresh-brewed coffee again in no time! The high-heat borosilicate glass is safe for boiling-hot and icy-cold liquids. It resists shock and breakage and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.