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ALLIGATOR ONION PEELER (BX) Alligator's Onion Peeler is designed to peel an onion safely in just a few seconds. Less time spent peeling onions means less tears! Prepare dishes with less effort. Whether caramelizing onions for steaks and chops, making beer battered onion rings, classic French onion soup or Nona's sausage and peppers recipe, peeling onions is no longer a dreaded chore. The Alligator Onion Peeler removes the onion skin and keeps hands free from pungent onion odor. Follow these simple steps for quick and easy onion peeling. Cut the sprout and root ends from the onion and place it onto the holder, with root end facing down. Close the inner blade carriage to score the skin, then close the outer cover to remove the peel. It's that easy. When finished, simply rinse the peeler or place it in the dishwasher. All parts store away in the Onion Peeler base to help save space. This unique Swedish innovation is made of durable, BPA-free plastic with sharp stainless steel blades. Includes 2-year manufacturer's guarantee.