Beyond Gourmet Pre-Cut Half-Size Non-Stick Parchment Paper, 12-Inch x 16-Inch, 6 Sheets

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PRECUT PARCHMENT SHEETS CD/6 Beyond Gourmet’s Non-Stick Parchment Paper Sheets keep foods from sticking without greasing baking pans or the use of oils. Must-haves baking accessories for cake making and bread making, plus a favorite of for cooking savory dishes, too! Proudly made in America from all-natural unbleached FDA-approved paper that’s chlorine free and BPA free, they’re conveniently pre-cut to fit 13 x 18-inch half-size baking sheets perfectly. The naturally non-stick surface allows for quick release of foods, and they’re great for freezing foods, too. Using frozen fruit in place of ice cubes is how to make a smoothie cold without watering down its flavor. Freeze sliced bananas, grapes, blueberries, pitted cherries, even sliced ginger root and store in an airtight bag, for up to 1 month. Foods won’t stick to the Non-Stick Parchment Paper Sheets, so no greasing or oils are needed for healthy baking. They’re safe for use in the freezer, microwave, and oven (to 450-degrees Fahrenheit). Perfect for baking cakes, pastries, and breads, lining cookie sheets and pizza stones, rolling dough, making papillote pouches for savory dishes, and more. Convert any baking tray to nonstick bakeware. Simply line with the parchment paper and place items to be baked, or frozen on top. Made in the USA from all-natural FDA-approved unbleached paper, Beyond Gourmet’s Parchment Sheets are FDA-approved, chlorine and BPA free. Naturally non-stick and disposable one-time use for easy cleanup. Not intended for use with direct flame. Do not use for broiling or grilling.