Bring It Valencia Reusable 12-Pack Small Produce Bags

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BRING IT PRODUCE BAGS S/12 SM Use Bring It's White Valencia Small Produce Bags over and over for edibles and essentials - fruits, vegetables, snacks, tools and toiletries. With this set of twelve bags you'll keep it all together at home or on the move and never use another plastic bag when you shop. Each 8-inch by 12-inch reusable bag is made of 60-percent Polyethylene Terephthalate - a polyester-based material made primarily of reclaimed plastic bottles - so you will not only be saving the planet from the process and waste of additional plastic bags, you'll also be reusing some of the existing recyclable waste. It makes perfect sense. But who can remember to take their reusable bags to the store every time - you may ask. A legitimate question. Bring It focused on finding a solution. And, they did. They built a web-based reminder system with personalized options. You won't forget your bags because Bring It will remind you. It's easy. It's automatic. It's personal. Tell them how you remember best - by text, by email, by the hour, by the day - and they'll send a Bring It reminder exactly as you want it. Become a better environmental steward every day. Go to for more information.