Brix Maxi Jarkey Jar Opener

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MAXI JARKEY WHITE Pop it - don't twist it! Finally, open those stubborn jars in a single pop! Brix Maxi JarKey is the world's easiest jar opener. It pops the vacuum seal of taller jar lids so they spin open freely. Simply place Maxi JarKey against the lid of the jar and with a gentle lift of the handle, the vacuum seal is released and the lid can easily be removed. Maxi JarKey's unique three-point contact design is simple and easy for anyone to use, including people with arthritis or children. There are no sharp edges or moving parts and it's extremely durable. Maxi JarKey is compact enough to store in your kitchen gadget drawer, or take along with you. Keep an extra opener handy in your garage, boat or camper - anywhere a jar needs to be opened quickly and easily. It is sure to become one of your go-to kitchen tools. The Maxi JarKey is dish washer safe and made in Denmark. Brix is a family-owned and operated company based in Denmark. The two brothers, Christian Brix-Hansen (Harvard MBA, Civil Economist) and Joachim Brix-Hansen (Civil Economist) design their award-winning products as simple solutions for the culinary market.