Brutool Lagerhead Black & Tan Turtle

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BLACK & TAN TURTLE The Black and Tan Turtle is the ultimate device for creating classic Black and Tans and other layered beers. Formed from premium-grade stainless steel, the endangered Macroclemys temminicki (alligator snapping turtle) is known to be the animal most closely resembling a black-and-tan spoon in nature, possessing the shell-shape, claws and snappers to be a natural for the job! Perhaps this makes the alligator snapping turtle the stout-lover's best friend. The claws fit perfectly on a pint glass, the body transforms a stream of stout into tiny rivulets which facilitate layering. The mouth of the snapper makes for a handy bottle opener, too. And for animal lovers and those concerned with natural environments, portions of the proceeds from every purchase of this hip, dual-function tool go to the Lagerhead Foundation, an organization dedicated to turtle habitat conservation and restoration projects. Last but not least, this snappy guy comes packaged with recipes for ten different half-and-half drinks. A must-have for the stout at heart.