Burton Cooked-Perfect Reusable Color-Changing Meat Thermometer for Beef

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COOKED PER'FECT BEEF Burton'S cooked-perfect reusable color-changing meat thermometer makes it easy to cook beef to the perfect temperature every time. No more guessing! know exactly how meat is cooked inside before cutting into it and risking the loss of precious juices. The cooked-perfect meat thermometer visibly changes colors to show when beef reaches the proper temperature and is ready to eat. It'S the perfect instant read meat thermometer for all cuts of beef, including cooking prime rib, roast beef, steaks, brisket, kabobs, ground beef, and so much more. It works perfectly indoors for stovetop, oven, roasting, broiling, and microwave cooking and for barbecue grilling with electric grill, charcoal or gas grill, BBQ smokers, rotisserie, and campfire cooking for an effortless outdoor lifestyle. Easy to use. Simply insert the point of cooked-perfect into beef for 3 seconds and accurately reveal rare, medium or well done. Remove from the meat and cooked-perfect reverts back to black and ready for reading another temperature after a few seconds. Reusable, accurate and economical.