Captain Quackenbush Shellfish Seafood Forks, Steel, 5-Inches, Set of 4

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SEAFOOD FORKS 5" (SET/4) Captain Quackenbush's Seafood Forks loosen and retrieve every delicious bite from tighter crevices in the shellfish without it being damaged. Great for lobster, crab, and other shellfish, they're an essential addition to flatware and helpful alongside other seafood tools where areas are too small for using a lobster cracker or crab mallot. Their pronged forks easily access delicate meat in areas that are harder to reach. Enjoy every succulent bite of whole lobster, lobster tail, crab and lobster claws, or efficiently pick meat for making lobster roll or gumbo without leaving a single nibble behind. Great for crawfish, too! Made from chrome plated steel, Captain Quackenbush's Seafood Forks are sturdy, durable, and compact for easy storage in a kitchen gadget drawer. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.