Chef Harvey Swiss Potato Apple Vegetable Fruit Y Peeler, Carbon Steel Blade

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PEELER SWISS PL CD Chef Harvey’s Swiss Peeler for peeling fruits and vegetables and creating thinly sliced uniform strips that cook evenly. Its extra-sharp blade will never dull or need sharpening. The contoured handle is comfortable to use, keeps hands from slipping toward the blade, helps prevent hand fatigue during longer periods of use. This kitchen gadget performs the tasks of multiple kitchen tools, saving time and making food preparation tasks easier. It’s a great carrot peeler, apple peeler, potato peeler, and all-purpose vegetable peeler. Make healthy snacks, thinly sliced fruits and vegetables or cheeses for salad toppings, stir fry or garnishes, even make veggie pasta strands, shaved chocolate curls for cake decorating, and more. The built-in potato eye remover easily removes imperfections and eyes from potatoes and other produce without excess waste. Made from stainless steel with carbon steel blade, HIC’s Rosenhaus Swiss Peeler will never dull or need sharpening. Includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Hand wash only.