CounterArt Chop Chop Clear Cutting Mat with Food Icons, Assorted, Set of 3

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FLEX CUTTING BOARD S/3 These CounterArt clear flexible cutting mats come packed in a set of three with assorted colored food icons in the corners of each, making it easy to utilize the appropriate mat for raw foods, thus avoiding cross-contamination. These terrific mats are flexible so you can roll up to create a funnel-like exit for the transfer of foods to the pan without spilling. Our flex mats include Microban protection, the most trusted anti-microbial product protection in the world, that features built-in defense properties that inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, thus always at work to keep the mats bacteria-free between cleanings. Always use normal cleaning practices as Microban does not protect user from food borne illnesses that can be caused from raw or unclean food particles. Dishwasher safe and knife-friendly.