Cousin Giulio's Self-Pull Corkscrew Easy Wine Opener

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COUSIN GIULIO SELFPULL CORKSCW Fantes Cousin Giulio’s Self-Pull Corkscrew wine opener removes corks from wine bottles with little effort. Its heavy cast-metal body with satin finish and comfort-grip handle blend elegance with function. Also known as a screwpull wine opener, it’s a powerful cork puller with lots of leverage! Simply place it over the bottleneck and turn the handle. The non-stick helix spiral glides into the cork, up to 1.5-inches deep, and pulls the cork as the handle turns. The stepped inner liner keeps it steady during use and protects bottlenecks. This wine bottle opener is a must-have of wine accessories. Fits up to 1.5-inch diameter bottlenecks and stores easily in kitchen gadget drawers. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Made in Italy by Ghidini, Europe’s premier wine corkscrew manufacturer.