Elizabeth Karmel's 7.25- by 8-inch Organic Grilling Wraps Combo Pack, 4 Pecan and 4 Cherry

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PECAN/CHERRY WRAPS COMBO PK/8 The traditional barbecue-inch of the Pacific Northwest has been adopted by the entire country – cedar planked salmon. Five-years ago, you had a hard time finding cedar planks in kitchen stores and in most markets, you had to buy untreated cedar at lumber yards and have the wood cut into planks for cooking. Today, home cooks across the country can find these gourmet-inch planks in most stores and they are using them frequently. And, if you stick with the traditional salmon fillet, there is no better presentation than serving the fish directly from the wood – until now. Grill Friends introduces the latest grilling and kitchen innovation: Organic Grilling Wraps. These thin wood wraps are made to be used in a similar way as cedar planks. Like a plank, the wraps must first be soaked to prevent burning. The soaking also makes the wraps flexible so that they can be wrapped around food. Grill Friends wraps are larger than their Japanese counterparts and perfectly sized for American portions. The wraps are designed for individual servings and make a dramatic presentation, whether you wrap the food or place the food on top. The sheets are disposable and make clean-up a snap. Package of 8, 7-1/4 by 8-inch wraps. Includes 4 Pecan and 4 Cherry Wraps.