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FLAVOR IT PITCHER RED At Primula, we create items by exploring how people prepare beverages in different cultures and work to understand the experience and ritual behind these preparations. Identifying why people love different and unique beverages is the first step in our creative process, our products are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers. The Flavor-it Beverage system will become your new personal beverage creation station. Combinations of delicious, healthy beverages are endless - fruit, veggie or herb infused water, hot or cold brewed loose leaf or bagged tea infused with herbs or fruits – a true multi-functional pitcher. A convenient chill core complements this set to keep your unique creations chilled, without dilution, for hours. Thoughtfully designed to fit in fridge doors, made with shatterproof, odor and stain resistant BPA Free, crystal clear Tritan, a perfect pour spout and a leak and spill proof lid, it can even be stored on its side. Say goodbye to processed, sugary drinks and hello to Flavor-it – your health and taste buds will thank you. At Primula, something extraordinary is brewing.