Fletchers' Mill Rolling Pin, Maple - 10 Inch

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ROLLING PIN MAPLE 10" Fletchers' Mill 10-Inch Rolling Pin is great for smaller jobs in the kitchen. It is 10-Inch long and has a 2-inch diameter. Pin is crafted from solid rock maple and is fitted with steel ball bearings to ensure a lifetime of effortless rolling. It's the perfect tool for both the home baker and the professional chef. By Fletchers' Mill. Made by artisans in Maine, USA. Fletchers' Mill is a family owned company. For two generations, the Fletchers' family has owned and operated the finest mills and manufacturing facilities for crafting wood pepper mills, salt mills, muddlers and rolling pins. Tradition and wisdom passed down from a family of roll-up-your-sleeves American entrepreneurs, the current generation of Fletchers grew up in the company before taking ownership, working in the business from the sawmills through the mechanics to management - knowing the business from top to bottom. In the modernized sawmill, local maple or cherry logs are processed into boards, squares and dowels and then kiln dried. The prepared wood is then turned or molded into one of the thousands of items. Most of the sawdust and scrap wood generated is used to heat our factories and kilns and the rest sold to local business who manufacture wood pellets used to heat homes. Located in the western mountains of Maine, sourcing wood locally and from Forest Stewardship Council (FSW) certified suppliers, employing around 100 people - Fletchers' Mill represents quality, community, sustainability and craftsmanship. Limited lifetime guarantee.