Formaticum Reusable Food Storage Bags, Made in Italy, Pack of 10, 14-Inch x 10-Inch

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FOOD STORAGE BAG (CD/10) Formaticum Reusable Food Storage Bags are scientifically proven to prevent bacterial growth and slow down the spoilage of food significantly. Scientific studies conducted by University of Udine show that these bags slow down time long enough to eat foods while they’re still fresh. Made in Italy from 100-percent Ovtene, a non-absorbent product made from calcium carbonate and other trace materials. Formaticum’s Reusable Food Storage Bags help adjust the natural exchange of gas and water and prevent bacterial growth to significantly slow down food spoilage and keep them from dry out as quickly for a much longer shelf life. Great for storing cold cuts, sliced cheeses, produce, fresh meats, seafood, breads, baked goods, and more. Easy to use, simply place foods inside and fold the top of the bag over. Reusable and recyclable, they help reduce the use of plastics, too. Perfect for those concerned about more sustainable living practices. Easy to use, reusable, and recyclable. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.