Haley's Corker Platinum Wine Stopper, Black

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HALEY'S CORKER PLATINUM (CD) Haley's Corker Platinum is the World's only 5-in-1 multi-purpose wine stopper. Referred to as 'the Swiss Army Knife of wine tools,' this must-have of wine accessories keeps opened bottles of wine fresher, longer. All in one, it aerates, pours and filters wine, re-corks and is a leak-proof wine bottle stopper! Aerating wine, swirling it in a glass or letting it "breathe" in a wine decanter, is an important step in developing its bouquet and softening its flavor when a bottle is first opened. However, avoiding exposure to an abundance of oxygen is equally important, if consuming it at a later date. Exposure to oxygen for long periods of time deteriorates wine's quality and taste. Wine corks allow oxygen to re-enter the bottle, causing the wine to spoil quickly. Haley's Corker Platinum is more than a drip-free wine pourer. It's specially designed to aerate newly opened bottles of wine to release their full aroma and flavor instantly and filter out cork residue, sediment and tartrates all at once, while pouring wine. When ready to enjoy another glass of wine, simply lift the cap, pour a glass and press closed to reseal. Plus, it fits most standard sized bottles and is perfect to re-cork unfinished bottles of single-malt scotch, liqueurs, vinegars, olive oils and champagne, to preserve and extend freshness. Even store bottles on their side, with no leaks! Proudly made and packed in the USA, Haley's Corker Platinum is nickel plated for extra panache. Great gifts for wine lovers. Reusable and dishwasher safe.