Harold Import Company 3 Piece Martini Bar Cocktail Shaker, 18 oz, Stainless Steel

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COCKTAIL SHAKER MAKER SS 18 OZ HIC's Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker mixes, chills and strains drinks and cocktails in style. A great addition to bar tools, it's the perfect shaker for entertaining and complements other bar accessories nicely. Shake 18-delicious ounces quickly. No more watered-down drinks with unwanted bits! The built-in strainer top allows chilled drinks to pour out freely while holding back ice and muddled herbs for clean, crisp beverages. Easy to use. Simply measure ingredients into the base and add ice. Set the shaker top and cap on securely and shake to mix and chill. Remove the cap and pour. The strainer keeps ice and flavor-infusing ingredients out of the finished drink for a 'neat' cocktail experience. Easily mix an Old Fashioned or classic Manhattan, Arnold Palmer, Martini, and endless craft cocktails. Makes a great hostess gift for the occasional sipper of summer cocktails to the year-round mixologist. Made from stainless steel with a high-polished mirror finish and 18-ounce capacity. Resists rust. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Set includes Cocktail Shaker, strainer top and jigger cap.