Harold Import Company HIC Honey Spoon, Stainless Steel, 5.5-Inch, 5.5-Inch, Silver

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HONEY SPOON, SS 5.5 HIC's Honey Spoon serves all types of honey without the mess. Whether for raw honey, filtered or unfiltered honey, local or flavored honey, just scoop it up, drizzle and stir. When done, use the specially designed curve in the handle to balance the spoon on the edge of the honey jar, or on tea cups and mugs. No more drippy mess or sticky work surfaces. It works great for jam, jelly, and syrup or scooping coffee and loose tea. A versatile addition to flatware and tea accessories, HIC's stainless steel Honey Spoon is up to the task at every dining occasion. A tradition since 1965, HIC Serveware is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.