Harold Import Company Mrs. Anderson's Baking Pie Crust Shield, 10-Inch, Red

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SILICONE PIE SHIELD Mrs. Anderson's European-Grade silicone pie crust shield prevents pie crusts from burning and over browning. No more burnt edges. It allows pies to rise in the center and reduces spillage from the edges. Neater and more convenient and economical than wadding up aluminum foil. Perfectly baked pies with golden-brown crusts couldn't be easier. Like FDA-approved silicone, European-grade silicone is subjected to a high standard of testing to deliver a top-quality product with more desirable benefits. Mrs. Anderson's silicone pie crust shield will maintain its elasticity and flexibility, from -90 to 570-degrees Fahrenheit, and bounce back to its original shape. It's stronger and more durable to withstand everyday stress and strain, and will maintain its non-stick property through more uses. The pie shield is designed to fit a 9.5 To 10-inch pie dish, including those with fluted edges and larger, easy-grab handles. Whether learning how to make pie or perfecting a pie crust from scratch, it's the ultimate pie crust protector, a baking accessories hero, saving innocent pies every day. Perfect for frozen and homemade pies. Or, blind bake empty pie crusts, allow to cool and fill for classics like coconut cream pie, lemon meringue pie and chocolate pie. Simply place Mrs. Anderson's pie crust shield over the pie before baking and leave in place until done. Made from European-grade silicone, it's heat resistant (to 570-degrees Fahrenheit), easy to use, reusable, and stays in place. Non-Stick for easy cleanup. Hand wash or pop it in the dishwasher. Georgette Anderson is 1 of America's most innovative home bakers whose expertise and creative spirit are at the heart of the Mrs. Anderson Bakeware collection. From a perfect piecrust to delicious cookies in beautiful shapes, Mrs. Anderson's Bakeware collection provides baking precision, instruction and tasty inspiration. With Mrs. Anderson's in the kitchen, it's easy to enjoy fresh home-baked goodness from the oven.