Harold's Kitchen Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Chef's Hand-Held Julienne-Blade Fruit Vegetable Mandoline Slicer Shredder Grater with Safety Hand Guard, Red

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JULIENNE MANDOLIN (CD) Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Julienne-Blade Mandolin Slicer cuts long, narrow matchstick strips, grates and shreds fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. Create long, narrow, uniform shoestring strips that look great and cook evenly, just like the pros. Hand-held mandolins are useful kitchen gadgets and are the perfect kitchen tools for creating quick healthy meals, like stir fry and side dishes, salads, garnishes, healthy snacks and desserts. Helen Chen's Mandolin Slicer features a Japanese stainless steel blade that slices in both directions to save precious food preparation time. Plus, it stays sharp and resists rust. More than a kitchen slicer, the underside features large teeth for shredding and small teeth for grating ingredients. The safety guard with long prongs securely holds food and smaller end pieces to reduce waste and keep fingers out of harms way. It has a silicone handle and non-slip feet for added comfort and stability during use. Super easy to use. Simply hold Slicer by the handle and place non-slip feet directly into a bowl or onto a plate or work surface. Use the safety guard to hold item against the blade with firm, steady pressure. Slide item over the blade in an up-and-down motion. To grate and shred, slide item in an up-and-down motion over the larger or smaller teeth, depending on desired grating textures. This versatile mandolin food slicer works well as a potato slicer when making potato nests or onion slicer for onion straws in seconds. Slice, shred and grate garlic, ginger, daikon, apples for applesauce or prepare zucchini spaghetti strands, carrots, citrus zest, even cheddar cheese and Parmesan, or block chocolate and more. Made from BPA-free plastic with stainless steel blade, Helen Chen's Mandolin Slicer is easy to use, clean and store. Use a firm bristle brush to dislodge any food bits. Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.