Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen 3.5-Inch Universal Ceramic Paring Knife with Sheath

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CERAMIC PARING KNIFE Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen 3.5- Inch Universal Ceramic Paring Knife with Sheath by HIC Harold Import Co. has an ultra-sharp, high-tech 3.5-inch ceramic blade that holds its edge longer than steel. Stain and rust proof. Perfect for picnics, camping, BBQ’s, and on-the-go meals. Sharper than most steel knives and light weight with perfect balance. Features a soft, ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use. Leaves no metallic taste or smell to foods. Lettuce and fruits don't oxidize or turn brown as quickly. Includes a ventilated safety sheath that fits securely over the blade to keep it clean and protected in a picnic basket or kitchen drawer. Nonstick ceramic surface is easy to keep clean. Helen Chen is a leading Asian culinary expert, cookbook author, cooking instructor and developer of Helen's Asian Kitchen cookware and cooking accessories. Helen's focus is making Asian cooking quick and easy, healthy, and more accessible to the home cook. Here recipes are updated to incorporate heart-healthy oils and readily available supermarket ingredients while still maintaining the authentic flavors and variety of traditional Asian cuisine. Her inspiration for new recipes and products comes from her frequent trips to Asia for business and family visits.