Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen 5.5-inch Ceramic Suribachi Set

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SURABACHI W/ PESTLE BX 5.5" A beautiful and essential kitchen tool for the preparation of many Asian dressings, sauces and pastes. Introduced from Southern China in the 11th century, the Japanese mortar (suribachi) and wooden pestle (surikogi) is an important tool in the Japanese kitchen. The literal translation of suribachi is grinding bowl. And that is what it does to perfection. The unglazed ridged interior facilitates grinding and prevents ingredients from slipping and sliding. The traditional wooden pestle is designed to prevent unnecessary wearing down of the ridges. To use: Simply place the suribachi over a damp towel or rubber mat on your work counter. Hold the pestle with one hand and rotate the pestle against the ridges. Helen Chen is a leading Asian culinary expert, cookbook author, cooking instructor and developer of Helen's Asian Kitchen cookware and cooking accessories. Helen's focus is making Asian cooking quick and easy, healthy, and more accessible to the home cook. Here recipes are updated to incorporate heart-healthy oils and readily available supermarket ingredients while still maintaining the authentic flavors and variety of traditional Asian cuisine. Her inspiration for new recipes and products comes from her frequent trips to Asia for business and family visits.


A Japanese version of the mortar and pestle, this suribachi set from Helen's Asian Kitchen is ideally suited to grinding and crushing herbs, seeds, and spices for deliciously fresh food. Crafted from durable earthenware with a rich brown outer glaze, the suribachi bowl features an unglazed, ribbed interior. This design holds ingredients at a slope for efficient, visible grinding. The coordinating wooden pestle, or surikogi, works well with the ceramic materials, so that the ingredients, not the bowl, take the beating. Comfortable in the hand, the pestle is shaped to maximize the contours of the suribachi bowl for uniform and quick results. All pieces should be washed by hand to preserve their integrity. --Emily Bedard