Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Steaming Ring, 11-Inch

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STEAMING RING 11" Helen's Asian Kitchen created this innovative 11inch Steaming Ring to allow a 10-inch bamboo steamer to be used directly on an uncovered saucepan, stock pot or Dutch oven instead of in a wok. Use with Helen's Asian Kitchen 10-inch Bamboo Steamer (sold separately). Using your Steaming Ring on a saucepan, stock pot or Dutch oven won’t damage your well-seasoned or nonstick wok by boiling water in it, and there’s a large capacity for water so the straight sided stock pot takes up less space on your stove. This frees up your wok or stir fry pan for cooking so you can stir-fry and steam at the same time. The steaming ring is designed to sit on top of an uncovered saucepan or stockpot. The bamboo steamer is then placed securely on the ring and now you can conveniently steam over any large pot. It not only makes the bamboo steamer simpler and easier to use, but it also helps keep the steamer cleaner and avoids scorching from the hot sides of a wok. Helen Chen is a leading Asian culinary expert, cookbook author, cooking instructor and developer of Helen's Asian Kitchen cookware and cooking accessories. Helen's focus is making Asian cooking quick and easy, healthy, and more accessible to the home cook. Here recipes are updated to incorporate heart-healthy oils and readily available supermarket ingredients while still maintaining the authentic flavors and variety of traditional Asian cuisine. Her inspiration for new recipes and products comes from her frequent trips to Asia for business and family visits.