HIC Deluxe Heat Resistant Turkey Baster and Meat Marinade Applicator, Tempered Glass with Silicone Bulb, 11-Inch, 2-Ounce Capacity

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GLASS BASTER CD HIC's Tempered Glass Turkey Baster is an invaluable addition to cooking utensils and chef tools for cooking and roasting all types of food. From poultry to pork, beef, game, and fish, even vegetables, basting helps foods cook to a golden brown outside and remain moist and juicy inside. It's the ideal cooking technique for roasting, grilling, rotisserie, and other slow cooking methods where food is exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time. HIC's Tempered Glass Baster is specially designed for comfortable use and easy cleanup. The Baster tube is made from tempered glass, for durability to resist shock and breakage, with easy-to-read 1/2-ounce increments for precise measuring. The silicone squeeze bulb with safety grip helps keep fingers away from heat and allows for a secure grip. Its powerful suction won't leave a drop of flavor behind. Easy to use, simply squeeze the silicone bulb and submerge the tip of the tube into the basting liquid. Slowly release the bulb to draw in liquid. Reposition baster over the food and slowly squeeze the bulb to release the liquid. For best results, warm the glass tube under hot water before basting. The tube comfortably holds 2-ounces of broth, stock, au jus, marinade, glaze and more. For juicy baked chicken and cooking turkey and other oven roasted poultry, use a mixture of melted butter and wine, or cider. Baste oven roast meat with their own juices or use a meat marinade sauce or BBQ marinade for steaks on the grill for tenderizing meat, keep moisture in and maximize flavor. Baste spiral ham, apples, or baby carrots with a glaze or make honey glazed salmon. It also works nicely for siphoning liquids from sauces for a thicker consistency and fat drippings from roasting pans for low-calorie meals and healthy cooking. Made from tempered glass and  FDA-approved silicone, HIC's Glass Baster disassembles for a thorough cleaning and is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.