HIC Filter Cone, Matte Red, Number 2-Size Filter, 2-Cup Capacity

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FILTER CONE #2 MATTE RED HIC's number 2-size Filter Cone, 2-cup capacity, is designed for the manual, pour-over coffee method to make fresh-brewed coffee in smaller amounts for a more aromatic and flavorful brew. Enjoy fresh, single cup coffee, with each brew. No more stale or burnt coffee that was made hours ahead. Brew only what's needed for less waste. The pour-over coffee method is a time-tested technique, developed in Japan, that allows complete control over the quality and flavor of brewed coffee, one delicious cup at a time. Pour-over coffee, also known as hand pour, is a method of brewing coffee by pouring a thin, slow, steady stream of water over the ground coffee. Practiced by coffee lovers worldwide for the distinct, flavorful results, it requires water at a precise temperature, fresh, high-quality beans at the right grind, slow and even water flow, and patience during the brew time. HIC's Filter Cone is how to make good coffee the pour-over coffee way. For a perfect brew, preheat the Coffee Filter Cone by rinsing it with hot water, then place it over a mug or carafe. Insert a paper or reusable coffee filter and measure in medium-grind coffee, or grind whole beans fresh (approximately 2 rounded tablespoons of ground coffee per 8-ounces of water, or to desired taste). Using just-boiled water, wet all of the grounds slightly and let wet grounds stand to bloom coffee for 15 to 30 seconds. When grounds mix with water, they expand slightly and release more flavor. Slow and precise water flow is critical to extracting the most flavor with this pour over coffee technique. Pour the remaining hot water, slowly and evenly, from the center of the grounds outward, in a circular motion. Allow the ceramic coffee dripper to finish dripping. Total brew time should take about 2 1/2 minutes. Remove the red coffee filter cone from the mug and discard the wet grounds. Drink the fresh-brewed coffee immediately.