HIC Home Canning Supplies Kit, 5-Piece Set Includes Canning Funnel

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HIC’s Home Canning Supplies Kit, a 5 piece must-have set of canning tools, includes Canning Funnel, Jar Lifter, Jar Wrench, Tongs and magnetic Canning Lid Wand. Canning prolongs the shelf life of otherwise perishable items for year-round enjoyment, eliminates preservatives and allows control over nutritional content for healthier eating. Whether using a pressure canner or the water bath canning method, HIC’s canning kit has all of canning tools you need. The canning funnel makes transferring liquids and dry goods into dispensers and storage containers effortless with less mess. Canning Jar Lifter holds canning jars securely for filling, lifting and transporting and keeps hands safely away from heat. Canning Jar Wrench for easily tightening lids and versatile tongs when canning your tomatoes, salsa, pickles, peaches and more.

The magnetic canning lid wand lifts all sizes of metal canning jar lids safely that fit from small glass jars, jelly jars, standard-sized and larger mason jars.

  • Measurements:
  • FUNNEL: 6.63"" x 4.88"" x 3.13""
  • TONGS: 10"" x 3.13"" x 1.5""
  • LIFTER: 8.75"" x 3.25"" x 1.25"" (CLOSED)
  • WRENCH: 11” x 3” x .5” (CLOSED)
  • LID WAND: 6.875"" x .5"" x .625""