HIC Ice Scoop, Commercial-Grade Cast Aluminum, 8-Inches

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ICE SCOOP HIC's Ice Scoop is useful for scooping ice cubes and crushed ice from bags of ice, ice makers, and ice bins. This commercial-quality scoop slides under ice and scoops it up quickly. Its curved bowl allows ice to glide out for easy pouring. The deep walls hug generous amounts of ice, all at once. It's a great addition to any party and makes indoor and outdoor living easier. A must-have of refrigerator accessories and bar accessories to fill ice buckets and a champagne bucket in just seconds. Stash an extra with tailgating accessories for filling coolers easily from the ice dispenser. Scooping is more sanitary than handling ice and safer than lifting large, heavy bags. No more frozen fingers or strained backs! HIC's Ice Scoop is made from a single sheet of heavyweight aluminum for uncompromised strength and durability. It has no welds or stress points and cleans easily to prevent bacteria growth. This metal ice scoop will never rust, crack or chip like a plastic scoop can. Comfort-grip handle. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.