HIC Meat Tenderizer Ice Cracker Marinating Prep Tool, Double Sided, Heavyweight Aluminum, 8.5-Inches

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TENDERIZER/ICE CRACKER - AL. HIC’s Meat Tenderizer and Ice Crusher, with a dual-toothed surface, is specially designed to cut into the muscle fibers of tougher cuts of meat and break them down for a more tender and more consistent texture. This must-have of cooking supplies also cracks ice cubes or block ice into smaller pieces to chill drinks faster and keep foods cold longer, like clams on the half shell, peel and eat shrimp, macaroni or potato salad, condiments, and more. It’s well balanced for efficient use. Tenderizing meat helps elevate otherwise tougher cuts to a higher culinary standard. For best results, trim away excess fat and place meat in the freezer for about 30-minutes to chill, but not long enough to freeze. Chilled cuts work best. Before tenderizing, always place a cutting board under the meat to protect countertops. With a firm pressure, strike the cut with the toothed surface of the mallet, working thicker areas more and thinner areas less. Be careful not to break all the way through the meat. Flip the cut over and work the opposite side. Great for chicken, flank steak, eye round, skirt steak, even cooking rabbit meat and other wild game. Make even more tender braciole, chicken fried steak, cordon bleu, and weinerschnitzel. Always tenderize before adding a marinade or using other special cooking techniques, like brining. Made from heavyweight aluminum, HIC’s Meat Tenderizer and Ice Crusher is durable and strong with a rippled handle for secure grip. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.