HIC Porcelain Square Rim Square Buffet Plate 12-inch

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PLATE SQUARE RIM 12" Beautiful whitewares are versatile. They go with any décor and they spotlight your culinary creations. When you spend so much time preparing attractive and colorful dinners don’t lose them to pattern and color—place a lovely Salmon with wild rice and asparagus on blue plate with a huckleberry print and you’re sure to distract and stifle the delight and wonder of your well thought out and prepared dinner. Frame your food with beautiful whiteware and put the spotlight on dinner. Harold Imports’ fine porcelain, 12-inch SquareRim Plate will do just that plus, it’s also extremely durable. Take it where you want and need it. This dish is oven, broiler, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Bring your Salmon from the oven to the table and your guests will see your wonderful creation, perfectly and beautifully framed.