HIC Salt Cellar with Spoon, 4 by 3-inch

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SALT CELLAR CERAMIC From HIC, makers of fine porcelain, comes the Salt Cellar with Spoon. This attractive and well constructed “salt pig” will keep your most often used salt near at hand and safe from dust and debris. It features a red exterior and a white interior. It has a large “snout” so you can easily get to your salt and a small knob for easy transport. This fantastic idea and design has endured time for a reason; it’s decorative and functional. Keep the HIC Salt Cellar near your stovetop and you’ll no longer worry about contaminating your most often used cooking aid – salt. What more, it’s made of fine porcelain so it’s extremely durable – take it with you, wherever you want and need it. It is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe – it’s that strong! Unit measures 4 X 3”.