HIC Silicone Replacement Gasket Seals, Fits Standard sized-Mouth Canning Jars, 3.75 x 3.75-Inches, Set of 4

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SILICONE GASKETS S/4 69250 HIC’s Replacement Canning Jar Rings fit most standard-sized canning jars and lids to create airtight, liquid-tight food storage containers. Capture and preserve homegrown or seasonal fruits and veggies at their prime for year-round enjoyment, or prepare favorite homemade foods in bulk for later consumption. Must-haves of home canning equipment, HIC’s Replacement Gaskets are made from European-grade silicone. They are stronger, more durable and more flexible to maintain their original shape and non-stick quality through more uses than using rubber canning jar gaskets. They’re heat safe for all canning processes, from filling jars with hot foods, blanching and sealing the jars in a water bath canning. A convenient safety tab helps keep fingers away from hot jars and makes removal easier. The grassroots practice of home canning and preserving food prolongs the shelf life of otherwise perishable items and promotes healthier eating by eliminating preservatives and allowing control over nutritional content. Never be without those homemade creations or canned peaches, tomatoes, pickles and jams! Easily create airtight jars and food storage containers and store other liquids and dry goods, like toiletries, soaps, paints and craft supplies, and more. HIC’s Replacement Canning Jar Rings are reusable, long lasting, non-stick for quick release and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Fits most standard-size preserve and canning jars. Set of 4 canning gaskets.