HIC Slotted Colander Scoop, Heat-Resistant Nylon, 12.5-Inch, 12.5-Inch, Black

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NYLON SLOTTED COLANDER SCOOP HIC's Slotted Colander Scoop makes cooking a breeze! More than a spoon, it's one of those cool kitchen gadgets that will become a favorite of everyday kitchen utensils! HIC's Slotted Colander Scoop is lightweight, yet strong and oversized to easily handle a larger amount of food with each scoop. Its slotted flow-through design easily stirs, drains and serves foods, like pasta and vegetables. The handle is molded for a comfortable, soft grip. Hang the Slotted Colander Scoop on the outside of a pot for easy access while cooking, or out of the way on a utensil rack between uses to declutter kitchen drawers. When set down, the hook works like a tool rest to raise the working end up so it hovers above the counter to reduce mess. Made from FDA-approved, virgin nylon with comfort-grip handle, HIC's Slotted Colander Scoop is safe for use with non stick pots and pans, is heat resistant to 390-degrees Fahrenheit and a cinch to clean. Just pop it in the dishwasher.