HIC Tomato and Strawberry Corer, Stainless Steel Blade, 6.5-Inch

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CORE IT TOMATO CORER HIC's Tomato and Strawberry Corer is a retro kitchen corer styled after the vintage kitchen utensils used for many generations. The serrated tip easily makes short work of removing unwanted bits, like eyes from potatoes and removing strawberry stems. The serrated tip also makes an efficient vegetable corer to hollow out foods for vegetarian recipes, like stuffed tomatoes. Makes a great strawberry huller and works for making fruit salads and garnishes. Made with a serrated stainless steel blade for durability and function. HIC's Tomato and Strawberry Corer is a smart addition to today's kitchen gadgets and one of those vintage utensils that will never go out of style. Dishwasher safe.