HIC Wooden Muddler

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MUDDLER HIC's Wooden Muddler mashes and crushes fruits, spices and herbs to infuse delicious flavors, aromas and essential oils into favorite beverages and cocktail recipes. Muddle mojito ingredients in just a few seconds, mint for Mint Juleps, sugarcane syrup for Caipirinhas, bitters and a sugar cube for an Old Fashioned, or limes for Sazerac. It will become your go-to bar accessory; perfect for the occasional sipper of summer cocktails or the year-round mixologist. This Muddler allows complete control over the quality of your cocktail. Each end of the Muddler produces different results. The textured end easily extrudes juice from firmer fruits, like cherries or citrus and releases flavor and fragrance from aromatic spices. More delicate mint leaves and herbs are best muddled with the smooth end. Simply place ingredients to be muddled in the bottom of a sturdy glass or cocktail shaker (a glass that's too thin could break). Hold the muddler by the handle, press down lightly, giving the ingredients a few gentle twists, until you see juices run from the fruit or the air takes on an herby aroma. Be careful, over-muddling herbs can cause cocktails to taste bitter or grassy! A varnish-free coating means no chemicals or unwanted flavors transfer into your drinks. Compact enough to store with other bar supplies. Hand wash only. HIC's Wooden Muddler is made from FSC-certified beech wood local to the Czech Republic. The FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, is a global forest certification initiative of forest owners, timber industries, social groups and environmental organizations, ensuring clean air and water and diminished effects on local and global climates, through responsible forest management and conservation. FSC-certified manufacturers produce environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable products through responsible forest management practices. Made in the Czech Republic.