Joie Adjustable Non-Scratch Vegetable Steamer Basket Insert, Collapsible, Expands to 10-inch

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VEGETABLE STEAMER Joie's Vegetable Steamer quickly turns almost any pan into a vegetable steamer for making healthy meals with ease. Foods hover above the water and are gently cooked with steam. Using a steamer promotes healthy cooking by retaining fresher flavor, more desirable texture and higher level of nutrients, unlike boiling, which can leach and discard precious nutrients with the water. With a special hinged design, the steamer inserts easily to various pots. Measuring 10-inches when fully opened, it's perfect for cooking and reheating single servings or food for the whole family. Joie's Vegetable Steamer is made from FDA-approved, food-safe nylon. Heat-resistant to 405-degrees Fahrenheit, it's safe for use as both a stovetop steamer and microwave steamer. It's how to steam vegetables, fruits, dumplings, eggs, meat, poultry, fish recipes, seafood, desserts, and other healthy foods without a bamboo steamer or other specialty cookware! And, it won't rust and won't scratch nonstick cookware! Easy to use, simply place the Vegetable Steamer into a pot that can be covered, or microwavable bowl. Add water to just below the Steamer basket. Place foods into the Steaming basket and cover with a lid. When foods are cooked, the Steamer is easily lifted by the center post. No assembly required. Folds for compact storage. Doubles nicely as a small colander. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.