Kinpira Peeler and Julienne Slicer, Stainless Steel Blades

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KINPIRA PEELER - JULIENNE Kinpira’s Julienne Peeler slices firm vegetables and fruit into matchstick strips, also known as shoestring strips. Kinpira, meaning ‘julienne’ in Japanese, refers to the long, narrow strips this vegetable peeler creates. A favorite among kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils, Kinpira’s Julienne Peeler slices and juliennes in the same action to save valuable time during food preparation. The julienned strips are uniformly sized so they cook evenly. Quickly prepare julienne cut ingredients for stir frys, sushi, casseroles, or vegetarian recipes, like julienne carrots, zucchini spaghetti strands, make julienne vegetables and fruits as healthy snacks, salad toppings and decorative garnish, in just seconds. Its contoured handle and angled blades are specially designed for comfort, reducing strain on the wrist and minimizing hand fatigue. The built-in safety guard protects fingers from sharp blades and keeps slices neat and manageable. Easy to use, simply set the item to be sliced on a skid-free cutting board. Hold the item with one hand, place the Kinpira Julienne Peeler against the produce and pull it toward you in a straight line. Rotate the vegetable after each cut. Kinpira’s Julienne Peeler is made in Japan using the same traditional method as ancient Samurai swords, with the same quality hardened-steel blade used in chef’s knives. Specially designed to make quick, precision cuts without tearing fruits and vegetables. Highly resistant to corrosion and never needs sharpening. Easy to clean, just hand wash in warm, soapy water.