Lola Eco Clean Bamboo and Tampico Bottle Brush

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BAMBOO/TAMPICO BOTTLE BRUSH Lola's eco clean bottle brush is a great way to get your glasses and bottles clean while being kind to the environment. The bristles are made out of tampico plant fibers. This natural product provides greater water absorption than plastic bristles. The body of the brush is made of bamboo - one of the most renewable resources in the world and an ideal alternative to harvesting trees. Bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant. In fact, when grown in the proper climate, certain strains of bamboo can grow up to six feet a day. This is because it is a grass and not a tree. When harvested a third of the field will completely grow back within one year. Lola's eco clean products are environmentally responsible and so too is the company - a portion of the profits, from a Lola eco clean product, will be donated to noble causes that promote and defend the preservation of the world's natural forests. Assembled in the usa.