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MANDOLINE SLICER (BOX) Use the GSD Mandoline Slicer to quickly and easily slice and julienne vegetables and fruits, just like the pros. It will quickly become one of your favorite kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils among your other kitchen tools. Save time during food preparation while creating delicious and healthy dishes, such as stir frys, casseroles and your favorite vegetarian recipe – even julienne cut zucchini spaghetti strands! Prepare healthy snacks in a jiff, like sliced fruit, salads and more. The interchangeable stainless steel blades give you precise 1, 2, and 3mm slices. Simply snap in the desired blade and hold the mandoline slicer by its handle then slice onto your work surface or over a bowl. The safety guard has prongs to hold smaller end pieces for safe-and-easy slicing while keeping fingers out of harm’s way. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Made in Germany.