Mini Honey Dipper - 4.25 inches

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MINI HONEY DIPPER Add honey to your tea with this mini honey dipper. The ridges at the end help hold the honey, allowing you to slowly drizzle honey. Simply dip the grooved end into the honey while holding upright to keep eliminate drips, position over your food or beverage and turn horizontally to release. Drizzle honey over cereals, fruit, ice cream, biscuits and muffins, or into your favorite hot or cold beverages, like teas, green juices, make warm milk and honey, and more. Lightweight, yet strong, this dipper is made from FSC-certified beechwood - replenishable, responsible and eco-friendly - and will not scratch surfaces. The FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - is a global forest certification initiative of forest owners, timber industries, social groups and environmental organizations, ensuring clean air and water, and diminished effects on local and global climates, through responsible forest management and conservation. FSC-certified manufacturers produce environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable products through responsible forest management practices. This product is not dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 4.25 inches in length