Mrs. Anderson's Baking Cream Horn Pastry Roll Molds, Stainless Steel, Set of 4, Measures 4.375-Inches Tall

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CREAM HORN MOLD SET/4 (CD) Mrs. Anderson's Cream Horn Molds are professional-quality pastry molds designed for home bakers, pastry chefs and professional chefs. Helpful additions to baking supplies, these metal molds easily form cone-shaped pastry shells. Named for their unique shape, cream horns are made by wrapping puff pastry around conical baking molds, baked to a golden brown, then filled with cream horn filling, whipped cream, jam, or meringue. Form phyllo dough, cookie dough, pie crust, pastry dough, make traditional Norwegian krumkake, a cone-shaped waffle dusted with powdered sugar and other types of dough recipes, even use savory fillings for fun, tasty lunches or appetizers, like egg salad, ham salad, salmon mousse and more. Easy to use. Simply cut 1/2-inch-wide strips from thinly rolled dough. Starting at the pointed end, wrap the dough strips around the cream horn mold and work upward toward the larger end. Overlap each layer to avoid holes. Bake according to the recipe. Once cooled, slide the pastries from the cream horn tubes and fill or decorate as desired. Made from stainless steel, Mrs. Anderson's Cream Horn Molds are durable and useable. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Set of 4 molds.