Mrs. Anderson's Baking French Wire Whip Whisk, 10-Inch

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MRS. A NSF FRENCH WHIP 10" Mrs. Anderson's French whip is a commercial-grade wire whip designed for home bakers, pastry chefs and professional chefs. A versatile kitchen utensil and must-have of baking tools for optimum blending of cooking and baking ingredients, resulting in better taste and presentation. No more lumpy batters or gravies. Its longer, cylindrical profile is perfect for use in deeper, straight-sided mixing bowls. The heavyweight wires easily tackle tasks that require more muscle, like whisking thicker sauces, heavier batters and dough's, or blending in firmer ingredients, like butter and cream cheese. It best whips with more air incorporated for fluffier dessert recipes, smoother sauces, and lighter dough for pastries and other baked goods. Quickly whisk heavy whipping cream for a lofty whipped topping, whip egg whites for a perfect meringue, or beat eggs when baking cakes or for fluffy scrambled eggs or creamy egg custard. Made from 18/8 stainless steel, Mrs. Anderson's French whisk is fully sealed and NSF approved for safer food preparation. Durable, rust proof and dishwasher safe.