Mrs. Anderson's Baking Unbleached Parchment Paper, 50 square feet

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PARCHMENT PAPER UNBLEACHED 50' Mrs. Anderson's Unbleached Parchment Paper will quickly become one of your favorite non-stick cooking and baking supplies. Use it to line everything from a cookie sheet to cake pans and other baking pans. Our professional-quality parchment paper is waterproof and greaseproof and works in the microwave and oven to 400-degrees F. Use it for all of your baking recipes – even reheat pizza, bake fish and French fries in the oven. Wrap cooked foods before reheating to keep them from drying out or separate meat patties or chicken cutlets before freezing to keep them from sticking together. Quick and easy cleanup after cooking. It's normal for paper to brown at higher temperatures. Do not use in the broiler. FDA approved. 100% chlorine free. Recyclable and biodegradable. 15-Inch by 40-feet (50 square feet).