MSC International Joie Small Bloom Reusable Suction Cooking Cover and Food Storage Lid, Flower, 8.25", Pink

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BLOOM SILICONE LID 8.25" Joie's Bloom Suction Lid creates an airtight seal to keep foods fresh. Food properly stored in airtight containers, like bowls with lids and other containers with lids, stays fresher longer for less food waste, both in the fridge and pantry. Joie's Bloom Lid quickly turns bowls, pots and pans and food storage containers into airtight kitchen storage. This universal lid seals most small containers with a smooth edge, up to 8.25-Inch in diameter. Its flat undersurface accommodates more sizes than do lids with size-specific rings. No more digging for the right-sized lid! The Bloom Lid is reusable and is more economical by replacing disposable products, like food storage bags, cling wrap or aluminum foil. It helps to reduce garbage waste, perfect for sustainable living and the zero waste home. So easy to use. Simply center the Bloom Lid over the bowl, pot or container. Press down on the flower handle to expel air from inside and create suction with an airtight seal. To release the seal, flip the edge up to allow air back inside and break the suction. It's food storage made easy! Seal food containers, glass storage jars, mixing bowls and other containers, even pet supplies, like the dog food container, to keep in freshness. Great for saving leftovers in the fridge and preserving grains, snacks and cereal storage, flour storage and other bulk food storage in the pantry. Made from FDA-approved silicone to be durable and temperature safe to 420-degrees Fahrenheit. It doubles nicely as a splatter guard over microwave cookware or pots and pans during the cooking process for less mess. These clever and unique kitchenware designs are BPA-free, compact and flexible to help save precious storage space, nonstick for easy cleanup and dishwasher safe.