Norpro Stainless Steel Corn Cutter and Creamer

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CORN CUTTER LEE'S SS CD Norpro's stainless steel corn cutter and creamer strips the kernels easily, safely and conveniently. Makes cream-style corn when cutter blade is lowered to just clip the cob.

When sweet corn grows as high as an elephant's eye, you'll want to pull out this corn creamer. Millions of households use it to extract the full flavor of sweet corn by shredding the kernels to release their milky juices and to "milk" corncobs of even more juices. Because it has a cutting blade as well as little shredding knives, the corn creamer can also be used to cleanly slice whole kernels from ears of corn. Either method produces corn immeasurably tastier than the canned version.

The 17-inch, stainless-steel creamer is simplicity itself. Place it over a pan and butt the long end against a wall or other backstop. Place an ear of corn in the groove and push it over the shredders six or seven times. To slice kernels off a cob, raise the cutting blade by adjusting a screw, cover the shredders with the removable guard, and push the corn over the blade once. Add any combination of milk, cream, butter, salt, and pepper (maybe a pinch of sugar or cayenne, too), and heat either creamed corn or whole kernels gently. --Fred Brack