Peachy Clean Naturally Powered Spray Dish Soap, 12 oz

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PEACHY CLEAN HAND/DISH SOAP Peachy clean, the world's only sprayable dish soap, is made from all-natural cleaners packed into a unique sprayer for high-quality dispensing without propellants or harsh chemicals. Derived from coconut and infused with Peach extract for a clean, fresh scent, peachy clean is specially formulated to bond together with and effectively cut grease to clean faster and more thoroughly while using significantly less soap. Get an ultra-effective clean and use less soap to save money. Easy to use. Simply spray peachy clean directly onto grease then add water and wash away dirt and grease. Proudly formulated and bottled in America, peachy clean is made from all-natural cleaners derived from coconut, highly effective, environmentally responsible and money saving. The BPA-free sprayer dispenser is 100-percent recyclable.