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SANTOKU 7" HOLLOW GROUND There are few things in the kitchen that we rely upon more than our cutlery. Whether we’re preparing or serving. Whether it’s a late night cheese snack, mom’s favorite stir-fry or carving the thanksgiving turkey, our cutlery must perform well. Low quality knives dull easily, strain our wrists, endanger our hands and fingers and make preparing and serving an unpleasant chore. Hack away at your snack and meals no more. With Ergo Chef’s pro-series knives, you’ll be assured of sharpness and balance. The superior quality blades are made of precision forged German stainless-steel. The knives offer full tangs that make them strong and give them perfect balance. And, the handles are ergonomic. Quality and superior design come together so that preparing or serving your food will be about the food and not about the tools that limit.