Spin'n Stor Reusable Salad Spinning and Storage Bags, 12 Pack - Argee RG900-12

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SALAD SPINNING BAGS (4/BAG) Spin 'n Stor, Reusable Salad Spinning Bags - The Only patented reusable bag to Spin Produce & Herbs Dry. This reusable bag replaces the big, bulky, salad spinner. A Space Saver that fits in the drawer. No more wasted paper towels, no more searching for containers, as the reusable bag becomes your container. It is portable - you can take Salad To Go, to work picnic or store in the refrigerator. No extra bowls or containers needed. Produce and herbs stay fresher longer. Items comes 12-Pack which includes 4 Spin Bags of 3-Pack.