TacoProper Taco Holder FiestaPak Set of 12

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TACOPROPERS SET/12 Anyone who has ever struggled to make homemade tacos knows that they are not easy to make, serve, or even eat without falling apart! The fact is that taco shells usually break apart as you try to fill them. Then, the shells that do survive the filling process dump over and spill out the fillings - before you can even top them off and serve them. And, perhaps most frustrating is that fact that all taco shells of any brand usually fall apart when you eat them! Well, not any more! Thanks to the amazing and ingenious TacoProper taco holder! This product is designed to work perfectly with any standard or 'supersize' boxed taco shells. They individually support a taco shell so that the shell does not fall apart during filling. Then, they hold each shell upright so you can easily top them off before serving them. And finally - because the patented single taco-snugging design supports each filled taco shell they actually prevent shell breakage during eating! This is simply something a taco rack of any kind cannot do because a rack is only helpful during preparation and serving. TacoProper taco holders remove the limitation of taco racks of any kind. The TacoProper FiestaPak includes twelve TacoProper Taco Holders in four bright, festive colors. The FiestaPak comes with instructions on making the best unbroken tacos you have ever eaten. Holders are dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.